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The Word For You Today

Founded over 30 years ago, Bob Gass Ministries offers spiritual help and encouragement to those in need. Bob's passion for the spiritual needs of othershas shaped Bob Gass Ministries into the worldwide ministry it is today.

The Word For You Today, also authored by Bob Gass, publishes over three million daily devotionals every quarter in many languages and adaptations. This "cutting edge" devotional offers people from all walks of life, strength and guidance for daily living.


Bob Gass is known for his inspiring, thought-provoking messages, and has authored over 30 books and produced an extensive library of teaching audios, videos, and compact discs. This wealth of resources is available to enhance your daily walk with God.


For many years, Bob Gass Ministries has been instrumental in bringing hope to the hopeless. They have a transitional home for orphans and abandoned children called The Village of Hope in Recas, Romania. This home has a 'special needs' wing to care for physically challenged children.


Not only does this ministry bring children out of Romania's worst orphanages and at risk situations, but also helps place them into loving foster families.


The heartbeat of Bob Gass Ministries is: (1) offering strength and guidance for daily living through The Word For You Today; (2) spiritual growth through the many books, audio, video, and CD resources; (3) opportunities for involvement in international missions projects.


The Bob Gass Ministries/Word For You Today team is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.


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Wisdom Hunters On Line Daily Devotional

Wisdom Hunters was inspired by Proverbs 13:20, “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”


The Christian life was never meant to live alone, in fact, we grow wise as a result of daily spending time in the Word and surrounding ourselves with those striving to live accordingly.


For over 33 years, it has been a personal goal of mine to begin each day as a wisdom hunter, diligently searching for truth in Holy Scripture in the early quiet hours of the morning from the couch in my living room, with a cup of coffee, journal and pen in hand.


In 2004, I began to informally email out these personal reflections from my morning’s devotional time to a select group of fellow wisdom hunters. Overtime, these informal emails grew into Wisdom Hunters Daily Devotional, and today, thanks to our friends Family Christian Stores, reach over 111,000 wisdom hunters each morning!


Though the devotional is now being distributed far and wide, I am more convicted than ever to remain relentless in the pursuit of wisdom and and continue to daily write a raw, original ‘real time’ reflection from my personal time with the Lord which you can read here on wisdomhunters.com as well sign-up to receive it via email. Most recently, it has been an honor to walk side-by-side fellow wisdom hunters every day on Facebook and Twitter! I’ve grown wise from the thoughtful comments and wisdom our fans and followers share each day. Thank you!


If you like the daily devotional and would like to read more, I’ve compiled my past devotionals into nine books: Wisdom for Mothers, Fathers, Marriage and Grads, all 30-day devotionals Seeking God in the Proverbs, Seeking God in the Psalms,Infusion, 90-day devotionals and Seeking Daily the Heart of God and Seeking Daily the Heart of God Volume II, both 365-day devotional. These books are a compilation of devotionals based on wisdom gained from scripture and other fellow wisdom hunters throughout my 30-year career in full-time ministry, husband of 33 years, and father of four girls.


Thank you for joining me as a Wisdom Hunter,


Quiet time and fellowship with God—the most important part of each day. Use these free devotionals from Bible Gateway to help you focus on God each day. You can read them online at the links below; many of them are also available as daily or weekly emails, which you can sign up for at our Newsletters page.



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Our Daily Bread


Throughout the day, in countless locations and in dozens of countries around the world, Our Daily Bread is read by millions of people. And for every person who opens its pages, one thing is always true: It points to the joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ and the timeless wisdom found in God’s holy Word.


Our Daily Bread is published and distributed worldwide in more than 55 languages by affiliated ministries around the globe.  RBC Ministries also produces a variety of other Bible resources, which are available for the asking.  RBC Ministries is not funded or endowed by any group or denomination.  Many people, making even the smallest of donations, enable RBC Ministries to reach others with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible.


Our Daily Bread radio is a daily audio program that features insights from the pages of Our Daily Bread. Each daily thought is designed to draw the listener into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and to evoke responses of worship, love, trust and obedience.


Today, Our Daily Bread is distributed via print, large-print, radio, podcast, email, rss and mobile. For social networking users, find Our Daily Bread onTwitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.